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“Sorry guys.  We can’t buy that because we’ll be moving to Spain soon and don’t want to pay to put it in storage.  Why don’t you save your money for when we get there?”

I must have said these words every month for the year leading up to our move abroad.  Every time our boys received money for a birthday or holiday we’d go through the routine of establishing how much they would put to savings, how much to donate, and their remaining spending money.  Much to their chagrin, their savings and spending buckets had become one for the better part of a year.

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Catedral de Granada


The hulking Granada Cathedral dominates the skyline when seen from the Alhambra.

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday

In the center of town sits the gigantic Granada Cathedral.  Unlike many of the other cathedrals in Spain, it wasn’t constructed until after the last Nasrid (Muslim) Dynasty surrendered to the Christian kingdoms in 1492.

In modern day Granada, it is somewhat awkwardly placed since it is difficult to get a straight on view of the front due to positioning of other buildings that overlap.  Out the front entrance is a rather diminutive plaza that hosts both many organized and impromptu gatherings – usually in the evening.

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Granada Graffiti


(Almost) Wordless Wednesday

I realize this online journal of mine is an abandoned mess.  I always thought that once we arrived in Spain and settled in, I’d have all kinds of time to jot down blog posts that capture the essence of our time here.  The problem is it has been quite the opposite.  I have more (fun) obligations than I know what to do with and unfortunately noting things down in this format just hasn’t been one of them.

Anyway, enjoy a few pictures of some amazing street art that I’ve come across the last month or two, often in the most unexpected areas of town.  For more pictures and small anecdotes, you can also follow along via my Facebook page.

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August 2014 Vignettes

Performers from around the globe converge on Edinburgh in August for Fringe Festival

Performers from around the globe converge on Edinburgh in August for Fringe Festival

August was vacation month.  The locals clear out of town to various locales, usually to either the beach or more northern climates.  The neighborhood gets really quiet with the exception of the tourists.  Lucky for us, we had planned to do the same.

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Spanish Residence Permit – Approval and Visa Pickup


This post is long-overdue and the second part of rounding out the non-lucrative visa process for Spain while still in your home country of the U.S.

In my mind, there are four (4) main steps to obtaining a Residence Permit for Spain via a non-lucrative visa.  They are:

Step 1.  The Application (from the U.S.)

Step 2.  The Approval and Visa pickup (from the U.S.)

Step 3.  The Arrival (to Spain)

Step 4.  The Card Pickup (in Spain)

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July 2014 Vignettes


There is an argument to be made that we are very much turning Spanish.

Like many of the Granadinos around us, we too have taken the month of August off (at least where this blog is concerned).  I do appreciate the handful of emails from complete strangers seeing if everything is all right and asking how we are carrying on.  It’s flattering to know that some folks are trying to keep up with us.  Some sound rather disappointed there haven’t been posts lately.

We have subjects of numerous posts planned, but life has been so busy traveling for 3 weeks in the UK, meeting new friends, opening bank accounts, procuring phones, and all the other tasks needed to settle a family in a new town that I’m so exhausted by night’s end to be able to muster up a blog post.

With that said, here are some snippets from my wife’s personal Facebook account that you may enjoy.  In a nutshell, we’re getting along stupendously (a popular word here in Spain – estupendamente!).

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What they didn’t tell me…surprises living in Granada Spain

Son's drawing of the view of the Alhambra from our rooftop deck.

Son’s drawing of the view of the Alhambra from our rooftop deck.

For those of you that know me, you know I’m a planner and don’t like surprises.  During the last year of organizing and prepping for our move, I can’t even guess as to the number of hours I’ve spent online.  As dozens of bloggers and online expat forum users can attest, I haven’t been shy about pelting the overly kind and responsive with question after question.

That, and having visited and lived in different parts of Spain a couple of times prior, I didn’t think there would be many surprises.  With that said, below is a list of new realizations after living here for the last 3 weeks.

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