How to Renew a Non Lucrative Residence Visa in Spain


My most popular posts all begin with the phrase “How to…” so here’s another one in the Spanish Non Lucrative Residence Visa series.  The first series dealt with the initial application that is able to afford you 12-months of residency in Spain.

This is the first post of the next series related to renewing that residency.

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Two days in Almería

Photo Credit: dleiva

The weather is quickly warming up in southern Spain.  Given this, I (Radhi) planned a quick two-day trip down to the coast in Almería with friends visiting from the U.S.  Most locals recommend a visit to the beaches of Cabo de Gata but no one said anything about visiting Almería the city.  In the end I found a great hotel deal in the historic center so we opted for a quick day-trip to the beach, with the rest of our time spent in town.

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A Sense of Place – Living life in the Albaicín


One of the reasons we picked to live where we do is because we wanted something different.  A place where we weren’t a two-car family.  A place where there is a strong sense of community.  We wanted the ability to live like many Europeans where darn near everything you need on a daily basis is accessible by foot, or at worst, by bike.  And boy did we get it.

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Fun with Fallas

DSC_0061 (3)

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday

As a follow-up to the last post that touched on our 4-day experience in Valencia for the Fallas celebration, I thought I’d include a few more photos of some of the more entertaining sculptures.

At the end, I’ve also embedded a video that I’m calling “Sounds of Las Fallas” to give you a sense of how festive the place is 24-hours a day.  I didn’t include the actual footage of what I captured at 3:00 am each morning, but it really isn’t that different from most of these day shots.

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Valencia Fallas 2015


Just about every town in Spain has a festival that it is known for.  Some are more famous than others and the main attraction can vary dramatically.  One thing that seems to be consistent across them all, however, is a party atmosphere with a focus on traditions during the day, and boozing and revelry throughout the night.

Pamplona has the San Fermin festival that is known for its Running of the Bulls.  Cadiz hosts one of the country’s largest Carnival parties.  And in Buñol, they have a messy tomato food fight in the streets called La Tomatina.

Valencia’s claim to fame are Las Fallas.

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Costs of living in Granada Spain


People have been asking about costs of everyday items where we live.  I’ve been keeping receipts and thought I’d share what we pay for things while living in Granada, Spain.

Overall, we’re finding it very reasonable to live here.  I suspect we’re in one of the cheaper areas of the country.  I feel things in Granada are quite a bit less than bigger cities and high-traffic coastal towns in Andalucia.  With that said, I also have seen that smaller, inland pueblos are even cheaper yet.

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