Fun with Fallas

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(Almost) Wordless Wednesday

As a follow-up to the last post that touched on our 4-day experience in Valencia for the Fallas celebration, I thought I’d include a few more photos of some of the more entertaining sculptures.

At the end, I’ve also embedded a video that I’m calling “Sounds of Las Fallas” to give you a sense of how festive the place is 24-hours a day.  I didn’t include the actual footage of what I captured at 3:00 am each morning, but it really isn’t that different from most of these day shots.

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Valencia Fallas 2015


Just about every town in Spain has a festival that it is known for.  Some are more famous than others and the main attraction can vary dramatically.  One thing that seems to be consistent across them all, however, is a party atmosphere with a focus on traditions during the day, and boozing and revelry throughout the night.

Pamplona has the San Fermin festival that is known for its Running of the Bulls.  Cadiz hosts one of the country’s largest Carnival parties.  And in Buñol, they have a messy tomato food fight in the streets called La Tomatina.

Valencia’s claim to fame are Las Fallas.

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Costs of living in Granada Spain


People have been asking about costs of everyday items where we live.  I’ve been keeping receipts and thought I’d share what we pay for things while living in Granada, Spain.

Overall, we’re finding it very reasonable to live here.  I suspect we’re in one of the cheaper areas of the country.  I feel things in Granada are quite a bit less than bigger cities and high-traffic coastal towns in Andalucia.  With that said, I also have seen that smaller, inland pueblos are even cheaper yet.

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A Portion of the Spanish Atlantic Coast

Sunset in El Palmar, Spain

Sunset in El Palmar

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday

Last October when my parents were visiting, we jumped in a car and headed west.  All the way to Spain’s most south-western coast along the Atlantic.  We only had a long weekend and it certainly wasn’t long enough to take in all of charming Cádiz or the expansive, *sand* beaches along the coast.

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Our experience with schooling in Andalusia, Spain


Picture of my son’s classroom from the local paper. Source.

I thought I’d use this post to talk about our experience with schooling in Andalusia, Spain.  Before I do, however, I’d like to throw out a word of perspective.

This is merely a reflection on our experience and my specific interpretation of things at our neighborhood primary school.  It is not meant to be representative of all schooling in Spain.  Heck, if you were to query some of the other expat families attending the same school, they would probably have a different take as well.

We’ve also only passed the first trimester of the first year (about 4 months in).

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Favorite Florence


(Almost) Wordless Wednesday

Over the extended winter break from school, our family made a visit to three of Italy’s most prominent cities:  Rome, Florence (with a side trip to Pisa), and Venice.  I realize that these photo journal posts aren’t the most riveting, but I feel obligated to save off some of the better pictures in case my hard drive crashes!

This was my fourth time to Florence and it gets better with every visit.  The sights and food available in this relatively small town are second to none.  It really wasn’t hard to improve on my first visit when I was pick pocketed by some kids decades ago.  Florence was recently added to our new list of “places to which we’d consider moving for a summer or longer”.

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Our $1,300 3-bedroom house in Granada, Spain

Where's Waldo? A view of our neighborhood as seen from the Alhambra. Our balcony has the U.S. and Spain flags as identifiers.

Where’s Waldo? A view of the neighborhood as seen from the Alhambra. Our balcony has the U.S. and Spain flags as identifiers (roughly in the middle of the photo).

Inspired by a couple of Go Curry Cracker’s posts outlining their digs while traveling to different continents, I thought I’d show you what ~$1,300 per month (1,000€) looks like in Granada, Spain.

Fortunately for us, the U.S. Dollar has strengthened against the Euro quite a bit since we first arrived a mere six months ago.  Back in July, our rent equated to about $1,430 per month.  Now that figure is down to under $1,100.

So what do you get for that kind of money?

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