Enchanting Córdoba


(Almost) Wordless Wednesday

We’ve had our fair share of family visitors lately.  When they spend several days with us, we tend to exhaust all of the most touristy things there is to see in Granada.  When that happens, we usually elect a day trip to our next favorite destination:  Córdoba.

Home to the Mezquita (Mosque) now turned Catholic Church, this remains one of my most favorite sites in all of Europe – right up there with the Alhambra and Sistine Chapel.














11 thoughts on “Enchanting Córdoba”

  1. Glad to hear you guys are doing well! The mosque looks lovely, the ceiling reminds me of the Blue Mosque in Istanbul. Amazing how many mosques were converted to churches. Now that trend seems to be reversing in England at least, churches being converted to mosques! Cordoba has to go on my growing list of Spanish cities!

    1. I really need to make it to Istanbul. I suspect there is a lot more of this to be had there. Do put Córdoba on your list…I bet it would be less than a 2 hour drive for you. Makes a great day trip.

      Happy Holidays to you too, Kemkem.

  2. It’s surprising how much it still looks like a mosque inside. It even has what looks like arabic script. I bet the bell tower was a Christian addition, or at least modified to look like it does now.

    Down in Mexico, they tore down all the old native temples and used the rubble to build their new churches. I like the Cordoba method better. 🙂

    1. Yeah, there are definitely parts of this building that look like a more traditional European Catholic church, I just didn’t included any photos from that part (other than the wooden choir seats). I’m a sucker for Islamic architecture.

    1. Yeah, it does really make for a great day trip from several Andalusian hubs. I could also see myself spending more time there. It was basically #2 on our destination list behind Granada.

  3. Oh gorgeous! Took me back to my 3 days in Cordoba about 11 years ago. I stayed just near the mosque in a cute pensione with a patio. I fell in love with the orange trees in the plaza in front of the Mezquita and I loved the mosque itself. I really liked how it transitioned from the arab mosque architecture to the european christian church. The arches and the mosaics around those giant doors are just so beautiful. Thanks for the trip down memory lane. I loved everything about Cordoba, including the paella and the beer I’d have at night!

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