Why I need to change my blog’s tagline

Feria de SevillaAbout a month ago, Mrs. Buck and I made a pretty decisive and big decision that will no doubt impact our retirement plan going forward.  It also means I need to think of a new tagline to this blog.  Check out my latest guest post with Pretired Nick over at his site to find out why.

(Edit:  To see the next story in this saga click here.)

7 thoughts on “Why I need to change my blog’s tagline”

  1. I read the guest post on Nick’s site and just had to stop by and say hello! I am looking to move my family to Marbella in 5 yrs and I agree there is not time like now. The we face is much like the one you are trying to avoid. My son and younger brother(lives with me) are both teens and in 8 & 9 grade. We don’t want to pull them out of school doesnt seem fair. We have savings and since I am now working at making income online money or not working wont be a problem. Looking for to hearing how things go and our biggest concerns are the VIsa’s.

    1. Hello back at you, Thomas. Yeah, I think a stint like this with our boys as freshmen in high school would definitely be more difficult. The boys age was definitely one of the biggest considerations (if not the biggest). Looking back, we almost regret not pursuing this a year earlier, but oh well. I’d like to hear your reasons for choosing Marbella – that is one place I have not been. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Very bold and exciting new plan. After the 1-2 years in Spain, are you planning on returning to work to save more money? Or are you planning on hanging up the working shoes quicker than anticipated? Either way, I like the aggressive pursuit of your freedom.

    1. Hi Prob8. Thanks for the good question. Yeah, we’ll get back to work after we return until we reach our number. However, I do have one hidden agenda item amongst this and that is to challenge some of my assumptions that I’ve made to consider ourselves financially independent. I especially want to challenge if we truly need $50K/year to reach that mark. I look at next year as a dry run of sorts where I’ll learn more about our spending without a reliable income.

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