A Magic Moment

For me, one of the best parts of traveling is experiencing something that you don’t normally see back home.  And often times, the most memorable moments are unplanned and encountered completely by chance.

Such was the case when we first arrived in Toledo on our visit last spring.  Our nondescript lodging was in a central location, although it was off on a quiet pedestrian street.  We got into town pretty late after a long drive north from Granada.  Everyone was so tired we opted for a quick homemade meal of cheese quesadillas for dinner in the apartment.

We were visiting during Easter week (Semana Santa) and had heard there would be processions at night but didn’t think more about it.  We left Granada specifically during this week because we were pretty ‘processioned-out’ from the previous year’s celebrations in our adopted hometown.  The festivities in the rest of Spain would be much more toned down when compared to those in Andalusia.

After midnight we heard the familiar drumbeat cadence of a procession and peeked out from our balcony.  One was headed down the alley right for our building.

And then this happened.  The throne that was being carried stopped at our doorstep, set down by those carrying it on their shoulders.  And a woman appeared from a balcony across the way and delivered a saeta.  Don’t know what a saeta is?  You’ll get a feel for one in the video.




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