A stroll through the Albaicín neighborhood


As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, we now live in the Albaicín neighborhood of Granada, Spain.  It is an old Mooresh barrio and UNESCO World Heritage site that is probably best known as being on an opposite hill with tremendous views of the Alhambra palace.  The photo above is from one of its many miradors (viewpoints).

Living in this neighborhood is very unique since it is not only situated on a hill, but is quite sizeable and only has a couple of driveable (read: one-way) streets that are barely passable by cars and modified, short city buses.  The rest of the ‘hood is made up of a maze of narrow alleyways.  The only sort of combustible engines we hear are from the periodic scooter and driver that dare make their way through the narrow, staired walkways.  This usually ends up being Domino’s or Telepizza delivery drivers.

Below is a video that my wife and kids put together to give you a feel for what it is like descending the neighborhood down into the city center.  The end of the journey is through a heavily influenced Moroccan street of men selling their northern African-themed wares.  We like to refer to it as Diagon Alley since we’re knee-deep in the Harry Potter book series.


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  1. I would have buns and thighs of steel if l had to do that daily 🙂 . Nice neighborhood and looks like the boys are settling in well.. The Diagon alley looks lovely.

    1. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to get into a consistent workout routine since we arrived but I’m not sweating it as I must do that walk 3-4 times per day. Not quite buns of steel, but certainly keeps the pounds from the beer and wine from adding up!

    1. This is one of our first forays into making videos, so hopefully they’ll get better from here on out. I need to resist the urge to use this same track over and over again as it seems to fit everything we do around here 🙂

    1. Yeah, they don’t seem overwhelmed at all. They have their moments, but for the most part I think they are adjusting really well. I think it also helps that we’re getting a lot of family time together.

  2. That was a pretty awesome video down the steps. I even had Smell-O-Vision ™ while watching since my wife is cooking up some Mole Poblano in the kitchen and the aroma is making me hungry! I know, not exactly Spanish food, but same language, right? 🙂

    Next time, show a video of the kids walking back up the hill. I bet they aren’t as happy going up as they are going down, huh? 🙂

    1. I guarantee you do not want to see a video of us coming back up. It would be about an 8 min video even at 2x speed 🙂

      Where are you in your travels these days, Justin?

      1. I can imagine my kids climbing back up the hill. By step #3 or 4 it would be “OMG I’m so tired!”…

        We cut the Canada trip short and returned to Raleigh. We were all exhausted (2 year olds will do that to you) and decided to take a vacation from the vacation. An abnormally dirty apartment rental was the proverbial hair that broke this camel’s back, but I think we were all ready to return.

        The upside is that Mrs. RoG gets to taste the early retired lifestyle for a few weeks before returning to work in August. And we are having a blast here at home, so I think we made the right choice.

          1. Yes, the apartment was rented through Airbnb. It had great reviews, but virtually all of them were reviews of the “rent just 1 BR and the bathroom” with no or very limited access to the common areas. Our BR and the bathroom were reasonably clean. Common areas, not so much.

            We managed to cancel and get all of our rental refunded for the unused 6 nights (out of 8). Airbnb hasn’t refunded any of their booking fee (15%) so far (but I’ve requested a refund for everything). I’m planning a post about the experience and the outcome soon.

            I think we learned to focus a little more due diligence on who’s renting the place. Young female apartment owners might be cleaner than single, older guys with a cat for example (Mrs. RoG’s guess, not mine!). The pics of the place looked awesome, just the attention to detail and cleanliness were sorely lacking.

            I think we might try for a longer rental than a week at a time in the future so we can stay in one place longer. Moving in and out of an apartment every week (with 3 kids) was a little tough in and of itself.

            1. I’ve really only heard sunny things about Airbnb so it’s good to get some real information that it isn’t always like that. Just sorry that it was at your expense. I look forward to your lesson’s learned. We have a lot of travel coming up (to the UK and beyond) and really wanted to use Airbnb but never seemed to be able to find a good match. Heck, we’re finding that it is usually cheaper to just get a hotel/pension.

              1. I haven’t written off Airbnb since I love the social media / reviews aspect of the site. And the search tools are incredible (compared to every other lodging rental site I’ve seen).

                I’m surprised you didn’t see anything at a reasonable price where you were looking. I took a look at a few places in Europe and it was surprisingly affordable compared to hotels. But maybe you’re finding the good deals on lesser known hotels that aren’t on the travelocity/expedia search results.

                One tip at airbnb is to use the search tools to narrow results down. Like price. It defaults to all properties between $10 and $1000 per night. I know I don’t want to pay more than, say, $85 per night, so I might set the upper limit to $95 to weed out the properties beyond my willingness to pay. Then I set it to “entire apartment/house”. That usually narrows it down. You can then zoom in on a geographic area of the city to add more constraints to the search. If you want to be in the central business district or a certain hip area, you can see all the properties that match your criteria in that particular area.

                There’s also a $25 discount available if you’re referred by an existing airbnb member (my $25 discount is available at my blog site name forward slash airbnb if you need a referral discount), and sometimes they have even bigger coupons (last I saw was in January) for a free night or $100 off.

                1. Yeah, I don’t think we’ve written off Airbnb either but we didn’t have much luck given our upcoming trip to the UK. We looked for places Edinburgh but I think we had a couple things going against us. 1) It’s still high season there and folks are trying to get top dollar 2) our dates happen to overlap with the Commonwealth Games that are being hosted there.

                  By the time you add on the service fee, additional cleaning charges, etc we found it better (and cheaper) to get a hotel room that also happens to include breakfast 🙂

                2. Timing is everything!

                  One thing I noticed was increasing the stay length to a week drops the price per night dramatically. A place might be $90/nt but $450/week for example. Stays for 6 nights or less didn’t seem to be nearly as good of a deal as a weekly rental. And if there was a cleaning fee, it gets amortized over more nights the longer you stay.

  3. I loved watching this. I loved my short time in Granada and the Alhambra was magical. I wish New Zealand wasn’t at the bottom of the earth as it’s such an effort and expense to go there. I’ll be back though!

    1. Cheers Susan! I say the same thing about New Zealand 🙂

      Christchurch and the rest of the South Island remain one of my favorite places I’ve ever visited as well.

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