ABCs of Travel with Kemkem from Next Bite of Life

Today is the 2nd edition of our guest post series called ABCs of Travel.  This is a listing of 26 prompts (one for each letter of the alphabet) that lets you tell a little bit about your travels: best, worst, and memorable.  Let us know if you would like to be featured in a future edition of ABCs of Travel.

I have to admit that my taste in blogs is slowly shifting.  While I’ll always keep a pulse on personal finance blogs, I’m finding myself less drawn to sites that offer up a lot of impersonal advice to those that tell the stories of folks who have worked (and saved) hard to gain some sort of financial freedom.  I like to see what other people are doing with their free time.

This is where Kemkem from the Next Bite of Life comes in.  Her site is great fun if you want a glimpse into someone who has gained early retirement by doing more things right than wrong and has a healthy perspective on life.  Originally from Africa, Kemkem now lives in Malta (via the U.S.) where she, her Italian husband, and two rescue beagles now reside.  Have a look over at her blog as every weekend it seems they can be found gallivanting around Europe.

The following is a post from Kemkem who writes about some of her travels that span from her teens to just a couple of weeks ago.

A.  Age you went on your first memorable trip

14, and it was to London with my immediate older sister.

3 months before my 15th birthday...digging my Afro and socks? Yikes!
3 months before my 15th birthday…digging my Afro and socks? Yikes!

C.  Cuisine (favorite)

Italian.  Might be because I’m married to one, and he is a great cook.  We rarely go out to eat.

D.  Destinations.  Favorite?  Least favorite?  And why?

Favorite is London.  I never get bored, even when I’m doing nothing.  Maybe because it’s familiar after being there so many times.  I haven’t come across my least favorite yet, I’ve liked something about all of them.

E.  Event you experienced while traveling that made you say “wow”

Getting in the water for the first time.  It made me say “wow” as l realized what l had been missing.  Growing up, we were never allowed in the water.  My mom had a fear of us drowning, so l was always afraid of it.  No pools, not even dipping my feet in the sea.  This was my second time to Bermuda, and this time, l saw my 2 friends having so much fun, and it was hot, and the water looked good.  I don’t know what made me finally get in there.  It was cold and warm at the same time…I screamed.  Luckily, we were pretty much alone so…it was exhilarating.  This was like 1989 or something, and l still can’t swim to save my life, and l didn’t get back in the water till coming to Malta!



G.  Greatest feeling while traveling

Freedom, Excitement and Curiosity.  Sorry, l can’t pick one.

J.  Journey that took the longest

Los Angeles to Sydney!  First to Hawaii, layover for 3 hours, then what seemed like a 24 hour second leg.  Once we finally got there, we had fun.


K.  Keepsake from your travels

We always send postcards to ourselves from wherever we are.  It’s fun to see what idiotic things we write…like “wish you were here”…oh right…

O.  Obsession – what are you obsessed with taking pictures of while traveling?

My husband takes most of the pictures when we travel.  It can be frustrating at times because he will wait till everyone is out of his view before taking a photo.  There is sometimes nothing more frustrating than traveling with a photographer :0) but l like the end results.  He is obsessed with statues!  Loves, loves them, and now, we’ve started lugging an even bigger lens to catch the details.



R.  Recommended sight, event, and/or experience

I was impressed by the Vatican City’s Piazza San Pietro.  I am not a religious person by any means, but that square, with all the statues of the saints is awesome and massive.  I would recommend seeing that.  I have no picture as we had a system crash and are missing tons of photos.

S.  Splurge – something you have no problem forking over money for while traveling

Good food and drink.

U.  Unforgettable travel memory

My best friend and l went to Paris a few years ago and visited Monet’s house in Giverny.  I am such a lover of his works and to be in the same house that he lived in, see the garden with the waterlilies.  I was in heaven.

This was Monet's house.  Can you tell how much I loved it by the smile?
This was Monet’s house. Can you tell how much I loved it by the smile?

X.  eXcellent view and from where?

Tie between the view from the Notre Dame Cathedral in Marseilles and from the Citadel in Budapest.  Both give you such an amazing panoramic view of the city below you.  Awesome.

Budapest Citadel

Y.  Years (or longest duration) spent traveling?

6 weeks.  It took 15 years of work to get there too.  I was entitled to 4, but by switching shifts and tacking on my weekends off, l could do it.  I would always go home for the first 2 weeks first to see family.

Z.  (Most) Zealous sports fans and where?

Football fans in Rome.  My husband is a nutter about football.  His team is Lazio.  He took me to one of their matches, and what madness and devotion!  Firebombs, big flags, full on body search!  He always laughs and says that Americans must sip on chamomile tea while holding foamy fingers and yelling “defense” every so often.  He just doesn’t understand it.









Thanks for your entry, Kemkem!  Be sure to visit Kemkem over at Next Bite of Life.  Also, catch up with her on facebook and Twitter.

9 thoughts on “ABCs of Travel with Kemkem from Next Bite of Life”

  1. Wow! Thanks for this opportunity Buck. It was fun and it came out great. I’ve also just realized that this is probably the first time l’ve shown my face. I’ve always been behind the logo or the dog, I guess this is my coming out party..;o))

    1. I particularly like your husband’s interpretation of fandom in the U.S. He may be right, compared to the ruckus atmosphere of Serie A matches.

  2. “Freedom, Excitement and Curiosity. Sorry, l can’t pick one.”

    That pretty well sums up why we travel (plus the food). Walking down a street where no one knows you. Not knowing what’s around the corner or exactly what the shopkeepers or market hawkers are saying to you. Jetting around to see the cool places in town or lounging around on your hotel/apartment balcony and not doing anything.

  3. Kemkem, nice writeup! I’ve been thinking a lot about London lately. Never been, but it’s near the top of my list.

    Love your story about going in the water for the first time too.

    And Buck, I’m working on my submission. This is a lot of fun and I can’t stop revising!

    1. Thanks! It was a lot of fun. I’m positive you will love London, l can never get enough of it. We are headed there again on Wednesday for a week !!! :o)

  4. Hi kemkem! I really like your post here. So funny. I like postcards too. When I was younger, I would send them to myself just so that I would have them. With the stamp. I used to be a stamp-collecting nerd. I know. Awful! Now, I just buy an extra postcard and take it home with me while looking longingly at the stamp instead LOL!

    1. Hi Victoria,
      Thanks for dropping by to one of my favorite sites! I can not picture you as a stamp! Can’t wait to send one from Berlin!!!

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