Update on our stay, facial hair, and a television appearance



Because this is primarily my online journal and at some point I’ll have fun looking through it in the future, I thought I’d give an update on a few things that I’ve been able to cross off on my Bucket List.

Staying Put

First off, we’ve made the easy decision of staying put in Spain for another year.  We love it here and feel that taking off after only one year would be selling the experience short.  There is still so much to learn, to explore, so many friendships to blossom, and the like that we feel we owe it to ourselves to extend our Spanish adventure.

Facial Hair Experiment

Grizzly Adams
Grizzly Adams

Yes, my Bucket List contains things as ridiculous as experimenting with facial hair.

I’m pretty hair-lite for a guy.  I really didn’t have to start regularly shaving until my late 20’s and even then it wasn’t a daily activity.

I never had a month or two to just stop shaving.  Until now.  I’m posting a few pictures of some different styles so when I have images in my head of being another Grizzly Adams, I can return to this post and laugh.

I would have kept it going but alas, I had to shave for my inaugural television appearance.


National TV Appearance


Wait, what?

Yes, being on TV was not originally on my list but I recently had to add it.  Those of you that know me (us) know that this is one of the last things that I would actively sign-up for but you know what they say about getting out of your comfort zone.

Yes, that’s right.  The Bucking-the-Trend family will soon be coming to your TV sets.  The experience itself was a lot of fun but we won’t be signing up to be in front of the camera any time soon.  We all had a good time seeing the inner workings of a professional production company.  Let’s just say that I have a much healthier respect for real actors.



I’m both terrified and cautiously anxious to see the final result.  I just hope they have talented editors that are able to limit the number of cringe-worthy moments.  I’ll post an update once I’m informed when the show will air.


You can try to guess the show, but I’m not at liberty to either confirm nor deny any guesses!


11 thoughts on “Update on our stay, facial hair, and a television appearance”

  1. What an adventure for your entire family. You have maximized all that entails, and your ability to put us right there with you is a wonderful gift. Those of us who follow your blog have enjoyed each posting, and look forward to reading more and seeing the TV show!

    1. Haha. Much more modest things like continuing to learn Spanish, expanding the list of meals I can cook, and playing tour guide to visitors!

  2. The ‘stache is interesting and a bit frightening! Are you going to be on House Hunters International???????

    1. Great guesses. Hoarders would be classic. Move into a place in a foreign country and have it completely chocked full of crap within 8 months!

  3. Glad you guys are extending your stay!!! We just took on a year’s lease too in a new city in Spain!!! Totally voting for the middle ‘stache! I never like it when Fede shaves his.. 🙂

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