The City of Lights


(Almost) Wordless Wednesday

If you’re following on Facebook, you know that this has been a winter for us to remember.  From November through January, in addition to Paris we’ve made visits to Lisbon, Istanbul, and a month-long jaunt through India.

Over a long weekend in December we were able to score cheap flights to The City of Lights.  We had planned it a while back and only reconsidered for about two seconds after hearing about the terrorist attacks a few weeks earlier.

But in the end, logic and reason prevailed since living in fear is no way to go through life.

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The Oldest City in Western Europe


“Is there anywhere else you’d like to see?”  My mom asked over a Facetime session a while back.  “We’re thinking of visiting again and thought we could meet you somewhere to extend our trip a bit.”

“Lisbon.”, I said without hesitation.

Since my wife had already been and the kids were in the thick of school, I opted to meet my parents solo in what I later learned is the oldest continuously inhabited city in western Europe.  Yes, it apparently pre-dates Rome by centuries.

If the photos this time around are a little lacking, it’s because I took mostly video clips.  Feel free to check out the video summary of our visit at the end of the post.

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House Hunters International

Overzealous barista.
Overzealous barista.

A few posts back I mentioned we were filmed for a U.S. based television show late last year.  Turns out it was for the popular HGTV program called House Hunters International.  Our first airtime is Tuesday, May 12 at 10:30pm/9:30pm Central.  All of our upcoming show times can also be found here.  (Edit: final product below):

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Update on our stay, facial hair, and a television appearance



Because this is primarily my online journal and at some point I’ll have fun looking through it in the future, I thought I’d give an update on a few things that I’ve been able to cross off on my Bucket List.

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Are you ready for some football?

ESPN_NFL_MNFOn Monday I got to knock-off another item on my Bucket List.  A couple of weeks ago a buddy called and said he miraculously got tickets to the Monday Night Football game between the Green Bay Packers and the Chicago Bears and asked if I wanted to go.

Now, having grown up in Minnesota and rooting for the division rival Vikings, 10 years ago I would have told him to blow it out his ear and wished a rash epidemic across the entire stadium.  Growing up, the Packers and the Bears represented nothing but bitter rivals to my home team.

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2013 Epic Summer Road Trip

American Bison

Since our boys have been old enough to have a summer vacation, we’ve been taking road trips to different areas of the U.S.  Even in this expansive country, we’ve found that two weeks is a pretty good amount of time to see some awesome things.  Being located in the middle of the country with access to cheap fuel certainly helps too.

In 2011, we did a trip to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park on our way to a family reunion in North Carolina.  After which we looped back home via the eastern seaboard.

Our 2012 excursion included Niagara Falls, upstate New York, the Finger Lakes as well as Toronto and a provincial park in Ontario, Canada.

For this year’s trip, we headed west.

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