Semana Santa in Granada

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I’ve come to appreciate that spring in Andalusia, Spain is not only a time for cyprus, almond, and olive trees to bloom but it also marks the season of festivals.  A time to get back out in warmer weather and reunite with your fellow neighbors.  And Holy Week (Semana Santa) in Granada seems to kick it all off.

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Considering a Sabbatical?


Need a little inspiration and guidance?

I get a lot of email from folks asking for more details about things related to moving to Spain including how we got the courage to up and do it.

Late last year Lisa Hoashi was kind enough to interview me about our inspiration, fears, and other advice I’d give families considering taking a sabbatical.  You can find my responses to this and more over at her site.

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Early Entrepreneurship and Egg Experiments

One way to pass the time – Foam Party!

There are plenty of scheduled activities that keep our kids busy.  School, football, and music being the biggest commitments.

But when there is downtime, it’s nice to see the kids put down their iPads and do something, well, kid-like.  Living where we do, there is still a bit of an old fashioned feeling of them running freely through the neighborhood, pushing boundaries, and sorting out their differences amongst each other – without parents helicoptering around as referees.

What has come of this are some fun activities that have kept our boys entertained and looking forward to unscheduled time.

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Come and knock on our door


(Almost) Wordless Wednesday

Part of the magic of living where we do is walking the narrow, riverstone passageways we call streets and admiring all the different doors.  It’s like being in a storybook.  Doors of all shapes, sizes, and materials.  No two are the same.  It makes me want to to peek behind each one to see what lies beyond their oft-worn exteriors.

Here are just a few of examples that can be found within a few blocks of our home.

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