Planning Our Spanish Adventure

us-government-shutdown-october-2013The U.S. government is in its 15th day of shutdown and I wouldn’t blame you if you thought this blog has been as well.  That doesn’t mean things have been idle here at Bucking-the-Trend, however.  As I mentioned in a previous post, our family has made the decision to spend 2014-2015 living in Spain.  We’re committed to at least one year and hoping that we love it enough to spend two.  I’ve been working many of my nights scouring expat forums, reaching out to other bloggers that live in Spain, and doing general online research to try and piece this whole thing together.

Because there appeared to be genuine interest in the comments of my guest posting, I thought I’d give an update on our planning.  I’m also an organizer and need to brain dump.  Getting some of these thoughts and lists formalized will help me feel more organized.

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Why I need to change my blog’s tagline

Feria de SevillaAbout a month ago, Mrs. Buck and I made a pretty decisive and big decision that will no doubt impact our retirement plan going forward.  It also means I need to think of a new tagline to this blog.  Check out my latest guest post with Pretired Nick over at his site to find out why.

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