Santa Pola, holy mola!

Mortadelo y Filamón
Relaxing by reading Spain’s most famous comic: Mortadelo and Filamón.

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday

Video summary of a trip to our friends’ house in the modest fishing and beach village of Santa Pola.  Highlights include a day trip to Tabarca, an island once a refuge for pirates.  And meal after meal of arroz a banda, rice cooked in fish stock, a delicacy in Alicante province.  It’s definitely a cousin dish to Valencian paella but with fewer goodies and rice that seems a bit less sticky.



The City of Lights


(Almost) Wordless Wednesday

If you’re following on Facebook, you know that this has been a winter for us to remember.  From November through January, in addition to Paris we’ve made visits to Lisbon, Istanbul, and a month-long jaunt through India.

Over a long weekend in December we were able to score cheap flights to The City of Lights.  We had planned it a while back and only reconsidered for about two seconds after hearing about the terrorist attacks a few weeks earlier.

But in the end, logic and reason prevailed since living in fear is no way to go through life.

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Come and knock on our door


(Almost) Wordless Wednesday

Part of the magic of living where we do is walking the narrow, riverstone passageways we call streets and admiring all the different doors.  It’s like being in a storybook.  Doors of all shapes, sizes, and materials.  No two are the same.  It makes me want to to peek behind each one to see what lies beyond their oft-worn exteriors.

Here are just a few of examples that can be found within a few blocks of our home.

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Fun with Fallas

DSC_0061 (3)

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday

As a follow-up to the last post that touched on our 4-day experience in Valencia for the Fallas celebration, I thought I’d include a few more photos of some of the more entertaining sculptures.

At the end, I’ve also embedded a video that I’m calling “Sounds of Las Fallas” to give you a sense of how festive the place is 24-hours a day.  I didn’t include the actual footage of what I captured at 3:00 am each morning, but it really isn’t that different from most of these day shots.

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A Portion of the Spanish Atlantic Coast

Sunset in El Palmar, Spain
Sunset in El Palmar

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday

Last October when my parents were visiting, we jumped in a car and headed west.  All the way to Spain’s most south-western coast along the Atlantic.  We only had a long weekend and it certainly wasn’t long enough to take in all of charming Cádiz or the expansive, *sand* beaches along the coast.

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