Come and knock on our door


(Almost) Wordless Wednesday

Part of the magic of living where we do is walking the narrow, riverstone passageways we call streets and admiring all the different doors.  It’s like being in a storybook.  Doors of all shapes, sizes, and materials.  No two are the same.  It makes me want to to peek behind each one to see what lies beyond their oft-worn exteriors.

Here are just a few of examples that can be found within a few blocks of our home.









Our modest door (comparatively)
Our modest door (comparatively)


9 thoughts on “Come and knock on our door”

  1. Ouch! That one collapsing fascade above the door looks scary. I romodel some investment properties here in the states, and I can only imagine repairing very old buildings and streets there is a lot more of a headache. Just getting supplies up there would be a journey.

    The doors are beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Yeah, watching remodeling and construction here is a real treat. That particular door is up about 50 steps from flat city center where no car or otherwise big equipment can reach. They have these ingenious, thin mini-front loaders that can navigate the stairs and narrow passageways to bring rubble and new supplies to the worksite.

      I’m afraid they’ve left this arch pretty much for dead.

    1. Yeah, when we get visitors and we walk around the neighborhood, it is so different than many places in the U.S. people often comment: “How the heck are you going to be able to move back to Wisconsin!?”

  2. US doors differ from Spain often because of the extreme weather, saying nothing of the cultural differences. Wooden doors exposed to salt, heat and humid air in Florida, quickly deteriorate. People order them but pay for it in maintenance. Wish it could be like southern Spain, but most can’t afford such beauty.

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