How cutting cable altered our life’s path


It’s time to update some details of the blog.  In its 7 months of existence, there are parts that are already out-of-date.  The tectonic plates that make up our lives have shifted. We’ve made some influential decisions since I first put the heading pages together and even the blog’s tagline was inaccurate.

I thought it would be good to summarize some of the changes.

That Was Then…

Early 2013 – Life was on cruise control.  Not necessarily in a bad way.  I always had grand plans, but they were always for a later time and certainly not now.

My wife and I felt like we were working three full-time jobs.  Both gainfully employed, we were also trying to raise two kids by being present and active in their lives.  As many parents can attest planning housework, laundry, meals, and all the extracurricular activities of a lively household makes for at least another job.

One day, tired of haggling with the local provider, I cancelled our cable subscription and stopped watching TV.  I suddenly had time in the evenings after the boys went to bed to do something productive.  I started this blog to organize my thoughts and keep myself accountable to my aspirations.  There is nothing like publicly publishing goals to give you that extra little motivation to follow-through.

…This Is Now

Through a culmination of having more time to think through things, reaching a point of having F-You Money, and an intent to live life more deliberately, we’ve made the following two major decisions.

  • Come July 2014, we’ll be fulfilling a dream that my wife and I have discussed since we were seriously dating.  We’ll be moving to Granada, Spain.
  • As a gift for my 40th birthday coming up next year, I will no longer be required to work.  After quite a bit of discussion, my wife and I agree that it would be in the family’s best interest to quit my current job.

Yes, I’m down to my last 6 months or less in my formal career.  I’m not announcing “retirement” because obviously the wife is still going to work but this does allow me to become the traditional housewife she never had.  I guess the formal definition is a stay-at-home-dad.  And I’m really looking forward to it.

Grand Teton Mt Moran from Oxbow Bend Turnout


The best part of the situation is the Mrs. still wants to work and has complete control and flexibility to do so as much (or as little) as she pleases.  I know she also looks forward to me being able to take on all the household chores that she has typically taken care of.  The two of us will be back down to fulfilling our two full-time jobs.  Hers for income, mine for the good of the family.

While it’s an exaggeration to entirely credit cutting our cable with all of our new developments, I do question whether we would have done any of them if we still had access to soul-sucking TV programming.


5 thoughts on “How cutting cable altered our life’s path”

  1. What a wonderful recap of positive life changes that have happened since you started this blog – truly something for which to be thankful.

    Have you looked a bit more into the Roth IRA conversion ladder/pipeline? The IRS publication on it is here:

    There’s a brief mention of the strategy from MMM himself:

    And it’s mentioned in US News and World Report as the 10th way to tap your IRA:

    1. In short, no, I haven’t been able to further look into the Roth IRA conversion ladder with any sort of detail. At this point, I’m just grateful it exists and hope it continues well into the future. With our new family configuration of me staying at home and the wife working whenever she wants, I’m confident she’ll be able to bring in enough income to at least cover each year’s (now reduced) expenses and we’ll continue to let our snowball roll downhill. I envision us getting along like this for a little while.

      Many thanks for providing those additional links – two of them are new to me. Now that I know about it, I’m starting to see references to it all over the place! Thanks for stopping by and Happy Thanksgiving weekend.

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