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(Almost) Wordless Wednesday

Over the extended winter break from school, our family made a visit to three of Italy’s most prominent cities:  Rome, Florence (with a side trip to Pisa), and Venice.  I realize that these photo journal posts aren’t the most riveting, but I feel obligated to save off some of the better pictures in case my hard drive crashes!

This was my fourth time to Florence and it gets better with every visit.  The sights and food available in this relatively small town are second to none.  It really wasn’t hard to improve on my first visit when I was pick pocketed by some kids decades ago.  Florence was recently added to our new list of “places to which we’d consider moving for a summer or longer”.


One of the best conversations to come from this most recent trip was between my mom and our boys (via FaceTime).

Grandma: “So, did you see the sculpture of David?”

Boys:  “Which one?”

Grandma:  “Whaddya mean, which one?”

Boys:  “Michelangelo’s or Bernini’s?”

Grandma:  (laughing) “Good point!”

(Bernini’s life-size marble sculpture of David can be found in the Borghese Gallery in Rome where we had seen it a few days prior to Michelangelo’s 17-foot tall version located in Florence)

Florence Cathedral and its famous Duomo (Dome) engineered by Brunelleschi.


Elaborate fresco painted on the interior of the Duomo.


The Abduction of the Sabine Women
Perseus with the Head of Medusa - even scenes in bronze can get gory.
Even scenes in bronze can get gory – Perseus with the Head of Medusa (Not seen: Medusa’s lifeless body crumpled at his feet)



It really leans.  Far.
In Pisa:  It really leans. Far.
View from the top at sunset.
View from the top.

8 thoughts on “Favorite Florence”

    1. ‘Tis indeed. The only thing I found lacking in Florence (and Italy in general) was the number of pubs/taverns. Lots of bistros, ristorantes, etc but not enough establishments dedicated to serving beer from a tap 🙂

    1. I’m not sure how much the boys will remember, but I’m at least hoping they’ll see photos of things and be able to recognize it and say “I think I saw that in person when I was young. Let’s go see it again!”

    1. Yeah, pretty much a must-see if in Italy. For being ground zero of the Renaissance cultural movement, it is still a very manageable city with art around every corner. Not to mention the food available across the river in the Santo Spirito neighborhood…

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