Fun with a couple of GoPros

Grocery Getter
Grocery Getter

This is a supplemental post to the one I did a few days ago that described a bit the unique neighborhood in which we live.

(Video embedded at end of post)

In it, I told how there are no driveable roads within 150 meters of our house so running errands is a manual process.  I either walk into town to shop at the local markets or opt to do the trip by bike.

I have my trusty backpack that I always bring with me and remains my gauge as to when I’m done shopping.  When that puppy gets full or too heavy with liquids, I know I have to head back uphill to the house.

Grocery shopping here without a vehicle is a very deliberate and thoughtful process.  Not only am I limited to what I can carry but our fridge and general pantry space is smaller than what we are accustomed to back in the U.S.  The upside is things are very fresh and turnover on produce, meat, and the like is very high.  Because I go shopping every other day, I only buy what is needed for the next 48 hours.  I rather like this aspect but does take a bit of planning and a keen eye on key ingredient levels.

Because we made such a big deal of being “car free” within our recent television appearance, the film crew thought it’d be nifty to outfit my bike with a couple of GoPro cameras and have me go for a spin on my usual route.

I don’t believe any of this made the final cut so I’m sharing my one-way journey to one of the farthest (albeit largest and cheapest) supermarkets where I go to replenish our pantry.  There are fresh fruit & veggie markets, butchers, and bakeries that are much closer.

P.S. – The videos that I’ve posted to this YouTube account are my first dabbling with this kind of thing.  I have a couple ideas for future videos.  If anyone has any constructive editing advice or any other cool new video ideas, I’m all ears.

(Edit: here is an unedited video of my ride back up into the neighborhood.  I hit the stairs about halfway through)


I am not a mountain biker speeding through the neighborhood’s narrow and steep passageways for recreational purposes.  I use my bike as a source of transportation to run daily errands.  I am very aware and sensitive to pedestrians and always yield to them. I take up no more space on these streets than if I were walking.

This disclaimer is needed because periodically there are mountain bikers outfitted with racing gear that recklessly scorch down the Albaicín hill from top to bottom as quickly as they can, often leaving pedestrians frantically darting out the way to ensure they are not hit.  One such rider recently put a woman in the hospital so the locals are particularly sensitive to this.  I am NOT one of these riders and I think the video will show that to be the case.

8 thoughts on “Fun with a couple of GoPros”

  1. Was this taken when they filmed you? Looks like a rough ride, but i would think the ride UP is tougher. Goods tires and rims, then?

  2. The GoPros were mounted to the bike so it felt every cobblestone and comes off a bit exaggerated. Probably would have been better to mount to my head, or something like that. While I don’t have an action camera like that, I kind of want to try to recreate this somehow using our own digital camera in my hand so it doesn’t bounce so much.

    I do like the ‘up’ perspective, though, because it gives you a sense of the alleyways, etc.

    1. They sell adapters to convert the tripod mount into a gopro mount. Then I would use a chest piece mount. Gives you the smooth picture and perspective of your bike.

      1. Good suggestions, Neer. Unfortunately I was only borrowing these cameras and was a luxury to have access to two at the same time. I think I’d really like my own, but haven’t got my mind right to spend that much on one…yet.

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