Fun with Fallas

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(Almost) Wordless Wednesday

As a follow-up to the last post that touched on our 4-day experience in Valencia for the Fallas celebration, I thought I’d include a few more photos of some of the more entertaining sculptures.

At the end, I’ve also embedded a video that I’m calling “Sounds of Las Fallas” to give you a sense of how festive the place is 24-hours a day.  I didn’t include the actual footage of what I captured at 3:00 am each morning, but it really isn’t that different from most of these day shots.




Some fallas make social statements
Some fallas make social statements
Others make fun of tourists


Some are not rated PG
Some are not rated PG

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Posing with a Fallera
Posing with a Fallera

Sounds of Las Fallas (video)



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