Granada Graffiti


(Almost) Wordless Wednesday

I realize this online journal of mine is an abandoned mess.  I always thought that once we arrived in Spain and settled in, I’d have all kinds of time to jot down blog posts that capture the essence of our time here.  The problem is it has been quite the opposite.  I have more (fun) obligations than I know what to do with and unfortunately noting things down in this format just hasn’t been one of them.

Anyway, enjoy a few pictures of some amazing street art that I’ve come across the last month or two, often in the most unexpected areas of town.  For more pictures and small anecdotes, you can also follow along via my Facebook page.


14 thoughts on “Granada Graffiti”

  1. The cat almost looks like a Banksy work.

    What is the deal with that sign in the last picture, “We have english breakfast.” Is this a good thing? What is an English breakfast and how is that different from a Spanish breakfast?

    Glad to hear that you and yours are enjoying your time abroad. I’ll be enjoying the Ale Asylum in about 4 weeks. Yee ha!

    1. Funny you mention Banksy. At least half of these works are by an anonymous artist that goes by the moniker “El Niño” (The Boy). I’ve seen him referred to as Granada’s Banksy.

      Haha – english breakfast. I hadn’t caught that. Peculiar as well since I took that in a decidedly non-tourist spot, albeit near the university. I think it just means a more traditional breakfast of eggs, bacon, etc. Spaniards are big on more simple setups in the morning that may just include a tostada (toasted baguette) with tomato spread. They tend to eat smaller, more frequent meals with the late afternoon lunch being the biggest.

      Boy, I could go for a variety pack of Ale Asylum, Lake Louie, and Furthermore right now.

    2. The English breakfast is more geared toward that in the UK, it usually is quite heavy and consist of toast, eggs, beans, tomato, black pudding and sausage; perfect hangover food lol! As Jed mentioned in Spain they really don’t overload on breakfast it is very light and simple. I’m assuming since the pic was taken near the university they are probably gearing to the Erasmus students.
      p.s. great pics, such talent

  2. I love murals. My favorite kind of public art. I don’t know why cities ever pay tens or hundreds of thousands for often crappy public art installations when they can give gifted teenagers a couple hundred bucks for some cans and buckets of paint and get some surprisingly good building decorations on otherwise bland building facades.

    1. Haha. You’re right. There is a lot of graffiti here – much of it very amateur, ugly, and disorganized. But then there is this whole faction of really, really interesting stuff that you stumble upon when you round a corner and it stops you in your tracks. I’ve included photos of only the tip of the iceberg of what’s around this town.

  3. This brings me back in time when few months ago I was in Granada too, I was surprised by the street art that was there, not sure why I wasn’t expecting any. I was so wrong!

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