Granada is…


Granada is…

  • a place where potable water flows freely from babbling fountains throughout the town – often in the most needed spot after a long summit.


  • where windows have no screens and are closed during the height of heat during the day and opened in the evening to let in the cool mountain air.
  • a place where wild fruit trees can be found, lending their oft over-ripe treasure to any one who cares to take it.
  • an incredibly photogenic city with dedicated viewpoints (miradors).


  • where bells chime from towers marking every 15 minutes of the hour and Spanish flamenco music can spontaneously erupt from any given courtyard.


  • where hospitality is king and neighbors invite you over for paella.


  • a city that sleeps in late and seems to begin its day after 6pm (with the exception of the plucky tourists that can be found throughout the city at all hours).
  • a place where an ordered beer is accompanied by a generous tapa.


  • a place where the rhythms of the day force you to partake in a proper siesta.


  • where people of all stripes can be found congregated in one of the many plazas around town.
  • where flowers spill over courtyard walls onto the nearby streets that are merely walking paths.


  • a place to watch your step among the cobbled streets of the old town else you end up with dog doo beneath your foot.
  • where calves and hamstrings meet their match among the hills near the Alhambra and Albaicín neighborhood.


  • a place where the smell of herb cigarettes fill the air.
  • a collection of paseos and street-lined cafes, not inhabited by cars.


  • a place still impacted by Arab influence.


  • a place where the artistic congregate to draw inspiration.
  • a place where life is busy being lived.


15 thoughts on “Granada is…”

  1. Nice! Amazing how similar to Malta it is , especially the dog poo and church bells!!! I always wear my glasses when walking the dogs in dim light! No one seems to pick up after their dogs except me! Yep..I gave trying to fight siesta, and now the church bells lull me to sleep. I do miss drinkable water though! None of that here…Enjoy!

    1. You know what? I see plenty of people picking up after their dogs but there is enough poo around that I know it isn’t a common thing. I wonder if it is one of those things that is done when other people are around but maybe not so much if left all alone. I also very rarely see any dogs on leashes around here so maybe the dogs are getting way out in front of their owners (or down side alleys) and doing their business.

      I guess if this is my biggest complaint, I’ll be all right. It is the one thing that makes me miss the more frequent rain storms 🙂

    1. Mmmm, paella. Interesting article. They probably wouldn’t have approved of our version as it was heated with propane and not over wood. It was still really good though 🙂

      Friends for the boys has been the biggest challenge thus far. Arriving when we did is a bit tough on them since most kids are already enrolled in day long summer camps, many of which are on the outskirts or overnights in distant areas of the country. We have met a couple neighbor kids who are around periodically and we have a water gun fight scheduled with them tomorrow, so it is slowly ticking up for our boys. I also signed them up for a couple hour soccer camp every day this week, so that should help as well.

      Everyone assures us that once school starts, there will be many more opportunities to make friends with kids around their same age since everyone will be back in town.

  2. So nice to hear (and see) you all settled in nicely. 🙂 Andalucía will always hold such a fond place in my heart. Here’s to many more great moments ahead.

    1. Thanks. We’re definitely getting there. It is starting to feel like home as we slowly orient ourselves around here.

      With regard to the dog poo, sometimes my boys and I inadvertently look like flamenco dancers as we prance down the stairways trying to avoid the mess – tiptoeing our way around with our hands above our heads!

  3. Beautiful photos and funny images of you and boys taking “flamenco” walks around town. The pictures and messages of Granada makes me think that you are enticing more and more visitors there, if that is possible. Sounds like a great adventure thus far.

  4. Looks nice! And you guys are living in the thick of it in the historic part of town, right? Those little winding alleyways are cool.

    Have you discovered the non-tourist parts of town yet? I see the ice cream shop picture has bilingual signs so you’re barely in Spain. 😉

    1. Haha yes, that particular ice cream shop is at the foot of the Alhambra so there is English to be found there for sure. We’ve ventured into parts where the local Granadians go – the central part of town is just a 6 minute walk down out of our neighborhood. I actually prefer some of those haunts. I also think one of my neighbors was impressed that we’ve got the bus system figured out and have been able to explore far reaches of the city that way too.

      The longer I’m here, the smaller this city/town begins to feel. My next goal is to get out on the outskirts and up into the hills/mountains.

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