Hello and Welcome

Hello and Welcome!

Because my good friends over at 1500days.com recently referenced this site in their latest post, I’m starting to get my first, real substantial traffic and it is both exciting and terrifying at the same time.

What’s this blog about?

The Buck FamilyMy family and I have been gunning for financial independence for a little while now and we think we see a faint glimmer of light at the end of that tunnel.  We’re hoping it is financial freedom and not an oncoming freight train.

We’ve started socializing a bit with our immediate family and friends our desire to be financially unchained (I hesitate to use the word “retired”) and the things we plan to do once there.  Like many of us that share this goal and happen to mention it others, we often receive looks like we had just said we were getting tattoos on our face a la Mike Tyson.

A minority of those we inform are intrigued and tend to ask follow-up questions.  I expect more of this and thought it may be useful to start documenting our journey so for those who genuinely ask “how did you do it?”, I can point them to this site.

Where Should I Start?

For starters, I’d encourage you to check out the About page or visit My Wealth Manifesto to get an idea of where I am coming from.

Thanks for taking the time to browse around.  Please don’t hesitate to contact me or leave a comment.  Part of the fun in this is interacting with other folks that have similar goals and discussing ideas with those who are doing it differently and better.


4 thoughts on “Hello and Welcome”

  1. Keep up the good work Buck* and Mrs. Buck. Mrs. 1500* and I look forward to following your adventures!

    *Sometimes I feel a bit ridiculous referring to myself at Mr. 1500. It sounds like a villain from James Bond.

    1. Thanks evil villain Mr. 1500. To live up to the name, I think you should start presenting yourself with a monocle, walking cane gun, and overly groomed facial hair.

  2. Hello Mr and Mrs Buck,

    Just wanted to say hello as I’m one of your new readers from Mr 1500’s site. I can’t believe how many personal finance blogs have appeared on the scene in the last few months, but I love to read about the subject so please keep writing.

    1. Hi Yabusame. Yeah, there are new blogs popping up on an almost daily basis and I realize I probably won’t be breaking any new ground on the subject. It’s been fun so far, however, being a little part of the discussion and using this blog as motivation and as an outlet. It has already helped us to further focus and think about our own situation. Personally, the 1500’s and their blog have proved to be a big inspiration for us (if you couldn’t tell). Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment (and point out embarrassing copy edits)!

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