Considering a Sabbatical?


Need a little inspiration and guidance?

I get a lot of email from folks asking for more details about things related to moving to Spain including how we got the courage to up and do it.

Late last year Lisa Hoashi was kind enough to interview me about our inspiration, fears, and other advice I’d give families considering taking a sabbatical.  You can find my responses to this and more over at her site.

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The City of Lights


(Almost) Wordless Wednesday

If you’re following on Facebook, you know that this has been a winter for us to remember.  From November through January, in addition to Paris we’ve made visits to Lisbon, Istanbul, and a month-long jaunt through India.

Over a long weekend in December we were able to score cheap flights to The City of Lights.  We had planned it a while back and only reconsidered for about two seconds after hearing about the terrorist attacks a few weeks earlier.

But in the end, logic and reason prevailed since living in fear is no way to go through life.

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The Oldest City in Western Europe


“Is there anywhere else you’d like to see?”  My mom asked over a Facetime session a while back.  “We’re thinking of visiting again and thought we could meet you somewhere to extend our trip a bit.”

“Lisbon.”, I said without hesitation.

Since my wife had already been and the kids were in the thick of school, I opted to meet my parents solo in what I later learned is the oldest continuously inhabited city in western Europe.  Yes, it apparently pre-dates Rome by centuries.

If the photos this time around are a little lacking, it’s because I took mostly video clips.  Feel free to check out the video summary of our visit at the end of the post.

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Early Entrepreneurship and Egg Experiments

One way to pass the time – Foam Party!

There are plenty of scheduled activities that keep our kids busy.  School, football, and music being the biggest commitments.

But when there is downtime, it’s nice to see the kids put down their iPads and do something, well, kid-like.  Living where we do, there is still a bit of an old fashioned feeling of them running freely through the neighborhood, pushing boundaries, and sorting out their differences amongst each other – without parents helicoptering around as referees.

What has come of this are some fun activities that have kept our boys entertained and looking forward to unscheduled time.

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ABCs of Travel with Lisa Hoashi

Today is the 4th edition of our guest post series called ABCs of Travel.  This is a listing of 26 prompts (one for each letter of the alphabet) that lets you tell a little bit about your travels: best, worst, and memorable.  Let us know if you would like to be featured in a future edition.

Lisa at home in Catalunya
Lisa at home in Catalunya, Spain

There are people that go on adventures and then there are adventurous people that seem to take life by the horns and play by the rules that they have set for themselves.  I would describe Lisa Hoashi as the latter.

Originally from Oregon, Lisa now resides with her Spanish husband on their farm in Catalunya where she runs a life coaching business in between adventures.  Go on and read about her nine-month wilderness survival course, South American hitchhiking trip, and touching experience in a Syrian refugee camp.

Oh, and if you have even the slightest inkling of doing something you’ve been dreaming of but just aren’t sure how to go about it, I’d recommend signing up for Lisa’s free online event “Six Steps to Launch Your Dream” this Thursday, October 29.

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Come and knock on our door


(Almost) Wordless Wednesday

Part of the magic of living where we do is walking the narrow, riverstone passageways we call streets and admiring all the different doors.  It’s like being in a storybook.  Doors of all shapes, sizes, and materials.  No two are the same.  It makes me want to to peek behind each one to see what lies beyond their oft-worn exteriors.

Here are just a few of examples that can be found within a few blocks of our home.

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