Spain Preparation – The Yellow Light

Yellow Light

“I’m 99% sure that bump under your tongue is nothing.  It’s that 1% that makes me nervous.  Would you like me to refer you to a specialist to get it checked out?”

This is the conversation I was having with my dentist about a month ago.  He knew of our upcoming move to Spain and we both decided it was better to be safe (and of clear mind) than sorry.

I’m pretty sure I jinxed myself in my last post when I said “All major hurdles have been cleared at this point.”  I don’t think I could have been more wrong.


The past month has been one of the most stressful of this entire planning phase.  Here are just a few of the highlights:

  • The renters that were thisclose to signing a lease for our house flaked out.  And it happened a second time just last week.  Why would folks pay to go through the application process, be approved, and then go AWOL when it comes time to sign the lease?
  • Putting on a garage sale.  Bless my wife who basically did this on her own while I spent some time out-of-town helping with some family stuff.  In the end, it paid a paltry hourly rate when you factor in the time spent organizing, tagging, and manning the sale.  But it did rid us of a bunch of clutter and brought in several hundred dollars to boot.
  • storage unitsFinding movers and available storage space in a college town right when school ends can be a real chore.  We thought we were resigned to moving our stuff across state lines about 55 miles away.  Fortunately my wife stumbled across a relatively unknown (and unadvertised) new storage facility that just opened last fall on the other side of town.  Likewise, the fine fellas over at Two Men and a Truck had availability mid-week toward the end of June.
  • I had to delay my resignation from work about one week while waiting for the results of the oral cancer scare.  This, of course, is a small price to pay but my wife and I both agreed that it would had been careless to resign prior to receiving the results of the biopsy, even if all doctors agreed that there was a very slim chance it would had been bad news.
  • Last Friday I put in my 2-week resignation with my manager.  My last day of work will be Friday, June 6.  On one hand, I’ve been counting down the days to be finished.  On the other, I’ve had a kind of unnerving feeling announcing it at a place I’ve worked for the last 9 years.  It won’t be general knowledge across the company until sometime tomorrow.  I’m eager and somewhat nervous of the reactions that my coworkers will have when I tell them of our plans.

Next Steps

Unfortunately this list hasn’t changed much since my last update.

  • Find Renters – I’m not going call this one until we have a signed lease in hand.
  • School Enrollment (first week in June) – some more paperwork that solidifies a spot for our boys in the local public school
  • Sell car (after June 6 = last day of work)
  • Move out (June 24) – We’ll continue to purge and pack up our house.  We will store most of our furniture and those things that we envision needing when we return in 1-2 years time.
  • Take off (June 30) – We’ll drive to my parent’s place that is near our departure airport, leave our remaining car with them and spend a week or so with all the grandkids on my side hanging out with their grandparents.

Fun Tidbit

Now that I’ve formally resigned, I figure it’s safe to come out of anonymity.  (Not that anyone from work would have stumbled across my blog, but I didn’t want to risk it).

My real name is Jed and this is a recent picture of me.  No more of this Buck business.  I know some of you thought Buck was my real name and that maybe I was originally from the South.  I guess with a name like ‘Jed’, the same could be true.  Truth is, I’ve never lived further south than Chicago!


25 thoughts on “Spain Preparation – The Yellow Light”

  1. Congratulations on the clean bill of health., and here’s hoping for this next month to be smooth sailing in all aspects.

  2. Well, howdy Jed!!! Though l already knew it. What a handsome fella!!! :0) it does suck about the renters, but it happens a lot. We had this couple see the house 3 ..count it..3 frigging times and then decided not to rent it afterwards. I was so mad, but we found one soon after their 3 rd time…and as luck would have it, they asked for a 4th visit “to make final decision” and even the management guy took a delight in telling them it was rented!!!! I hope someone comes to see it and rent it quickly for you!!! Also glad the lesion was nothing. Prepare for the usual BS from the coworkers (you’re crazy to quit your secure job …you’ll regret’ll hate it there..blah blah blah..Maybe one person might genuinely be happy for you ). I am so happy for you though as you embark on this next bite of life! (See what l did

    1. Hi Kemkem. My coworkers today were awesome. Everyone was really positive and completely supportive. I think most were just relieved I wasn’t leaving for another company, as has been the case lately. As one put it “at least you are doing something positive”. It was refreshing.

  3. Congrats, Jed! Fantastic blog. Can you continue it in Spain?
    Just think: In a month or two, you’ll be laughing about these last-minute issues.

    1. Yep, the plan is to continue this “personal journal” while abroad. I know you are right about looking back in a month or two…sometimes it just can’t get here soon enough.

  4. Time to lower the rent a notch on the house to get it rented before you go?

    I feel your pain about the yard sale. It’s a disappointing experience given how little you make from selling your prized possessions. On the other hand, those folks helped you haul stuff away that would have required multiple trips to Goodwill donation center, right? 🙂

    Are you worried you might fall in love with Spain and not come back? Or love life on the road and never settle back down?

    1. Yep, we’re contemplating the rent price at the moment. The problem is every time I start to consider this, I get a ping from another interested party (just got one an hour ago). We’ll probably have another showing tomorrow. I think it’s all about numbers now. If we get enough people through here, someone is going to pounce.

      No, not worried about falling in love with someplace else. We have enough roots here that we’ll know we’ll be back at some point. Wouldn’t mind taking our time getting back though…

  5. Your blog is wonderful! Fun, concise, and informative. So glad all (health-wise) is good news. Your tenacity (and the family’s) is remarkable and will pay off when you finally land in that beautiful city. Keep the blog up to date so we can live vicariously!

    1. Haha. Thanks Anty. I’m not the type of writer you have in your family, so this will have to do. This is where we plan on writing about our excursion. I figure this will be a good way for folks to see what is up with us on their own time as opposed to us pushing out information in other forms (email, facebook, etc). Thanks for stopping by.

    1. You’re right, Cat. Although everything that is currently causing a little grief isn’t even specific to Spain – just the pains associated with moving in general I suspect.

      Actually most of my dealings with the Spain aspect of things have been relatively smooth. Oh geez, as I write that I realize that we’re way overdue for complications, bureaucracy and general hiccups on the Spain side.

  6. Congrats! All these bumps in the road are just hurdles, onto bigger and better things ahead. Can’t wait to hear about the new adventures .

    1. Boy, I hope you’re right Christine! I was telling someone today, I probably won’t be totally relaxed until we’re on that plane to Madrid…

  7. Man, people are flaky. I’m referring to your possible renters. But remember that when you go to sell your car as well. It’s not sold until it’s sold. I sold a car recently on Craigslist and it seemed like for every 20 replies, there was one serious person. Didn’t help I was selling a sports car though..

    And cool blog, I followed a link on RoG.

    1. Yeah, just had a third party fall through on the rental today. Really a bummer and even the Property Mgmt company we’ve hired to take care of these things think we’ve fallen on some bad luck. The good news is my car sold in a little over 24 hours to the first person who saw it.

      Thanks for stopping by, Will.

  8. Hello Buck
    Would you let me know about the issuing of the visas for the first years?
    It seems as follow:
    1st: 1 year visa
    2nd: 2 years visa
    3rd: 2 year visa
    and after 5 years, the residency will be issued.
    Its also appreciated, if you let me know how many days shall we stay in espain base on these visas?
    ( Its heard, 180 days for each 365 days validity of visa)
    Thank you

    1. Hi Esfahani. Lots of questions here and I’m not sure I can answer them all. Our non-lucrative visa will be valid for one-year. It is my understanding that we’ll have the option of renewing in 2015 and that for some reason, a renewal is good for another 2 years. So, pending approval of course, that can get you to 3 years total. I have no idea what happens after that and would cross that bridge once we (if) we get there.

      If you have an approved visa good for one year, you should be able to stay in Spain for all 365 days of that year. On most of the visa applications, it asks how often you plan to leave the country (of Spain). We opted for “numerous times”. Other options were 1-2 and 3-4 times, I believe. Hope his helps.

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