Spain’s Southern Sierras

The tabletop peak is Mulhacén – the highest point on the Iberian Peninsula

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday

The landscape in southeast Andalucia is stunning.  The stretch of never ending jagged peaks tends to surprise first-time visitors.  I know it did me.

Because there are an uncountable number of beautiful excursions in the area, a popular weekend activity is to spend a day enjoying one with friends.

Here is a summary of a hike we did in early December along an acequia (Moorish-made irrigation channels) through an ancient oak forest on the southern slopes of the Sierra Nevada.

The little white villages appearing in latter parts of the video are the famous towns of the Alpujarras.  Some of the highest villages in Europe and refuge spot for many Moors that fled Granada after the Castillians took over in 1492.

This hike also brought us by a Buddhist retreat center.  With those views, I can see why it’d be a good place to meditate!

2 thoughts on “Spain’s Southern Sierras”

  1. Yes, it’s amazing how many hiking trails with beautiful scenery (including waterfalls) can be found just a few minutes away from Granada by car. These places are great for family outings, picnics and hiking. I didn’t know about the Buddhist retreat center. I have a friend who lives in Italy and loves to visit Granada. She’s into yoga so I’m sure this is something we’ll both enjoy visiting. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Yeah definitely check it out, Liz. I think I included a link to the center in the post for more information. Definitely great views from up there! Thanks for stopping by.

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