Unexpectedly on the Podium

This is the inaugural post of my wife, Mrs. Buck.

This Spring I ran in a 5K race with some friends.  I should clarify that I’m not really a runner.  In fact, my high school soccer coach would joke that I was at the top of the sprint matrix, top of the bottom that is.  I like to stay fit and running short distances is my quick and inexpensive form of exercise.  I don’t train with a watch, so I have no clear understanding of my pace.

Come race day, I set out to pace myself with a friend who expected to run 9 ½ minute miles.  This seemed like an okay pace to me.  Within the first quarter-mile one of my shoelaces came undone, I had to stop and tie it while my friend continued.  Once I started running again, I felt as though I needed to pick up my pace in order to make up for lost time.  I ended up maintaining this faster pace for the rest of the race.


It was not until later that evening while I was reviewing race results online that I found out that I finished 3rd for my gender and age group.  Yes, there were more than 3 people in this grouping…in fact there were 35 others.  It turns out that I was running at an 8 ½ minute mile pace.  Better yet, a few weeks after the race I received an actual bronze medal in the mail – a lovely and unexpected surprise!

I’ve come to realize that this race is a fair analogy to our family’s approach to saving and financial independence.

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