Terrace views of the Alhambra


(Almost) Wordless Wednesday

So you can probably tell by my last handful of posts that I’ve been experimenting with video.  Here are my latest attempts, both filmed from the rooftop terrace of our house.

One was completed in a couple of hours on a Sunday afternoon and the other took the better part of 11 months.

In both videos you can see the tourists come and go on the far right tower with the flags.

3 thoughts on “Terrace views of the Alhambra”

  1. For a treat, watch the second video where the tree grows and eventually completely blocks the view of those buildings in the foreground. Very cool time lapse vids. I’ve always wanted to do something like that for our lake vista here in North Carolina. 4 very different seasons and very different lighting and shadows as the sun’s angle changes daily and weekly.

    Did you use anything special to capture the year long time lapse? Or just a bunch of photos inserted into the movie making software at about 2 pics per second?

    1. Nothing special. Just stood in the same spot each day and aligned the crosshairs on my camera on the same point on the Alhambra and took the photo (hence the handful of days when I couldn’t make out the palace came out a little cockeyed). Collated them all in a video editor at 0.5 seconds per pic.

      The tree is becoming a nuisance and starting to impede the view. Amazing how much it has grown this spring. We talked to the landlords and they informed us the city takes care of pruning but only every other year or something. The good news is it really only is unruly if standing at the edge of our terrace. Still OK a bit further back.

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