What’s in a Name?

Winter Landscape

To say I’ve led a charmed life is an understatement.  I was born healthy to loving parents in a middle class household in a safe neighborhood in the U.S.  On a global scale, I entered this world in the extremely privileged 1% given just about any metric.  And I try to minimize the number of days that go by when I don’t count my blessings.

When it came to finances, I also had very good roles models.  My grandfather spent more time in retirement than he had years working as a professional (a rarity when he retired in the 1960’s).  My father was also able to quit cold-turkey and retire in his mid-50’s despite being the sole breadwinner in our family and raising two kids.

I always knew I would follow the family trend and be an “early retiree” – I saw how it was done and really didn’t know any different.  It was unfathomable to me that I would need to continue working to age 65 or beyond.  Through my early working years, I was able to project my path and pretty quickly realize that I’d be able to buck the trend and retire comfortably in my late 40’s, age 50 at the latest.

Easy peasy?  You betcha.  That was up until 2012 when I stumbled across a very inspirational blog  that outlined how I could feasibly move up our retirement several years by generally being more Mustachian.  I started dreaming and setting new goals.  Heck, it was like I was given permission to retire at what I previously thought was a ridiculously young age if I just could commit to the ride.

Well, my seat belt has been fastened.  Here we go.

Your Thoughts?